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A DIY Project to Reveal Natural Wood Underneath a Painted Door

No more braving the freezing cold today! Instead, we tackled a project I've been itching to start for ages: stripping the paint off an old door to reveal its natural wood. Taking the door off its hinges was a piece of cake, and I was thrilled to find a sturdy saw horse in the basement to prop it up on. As always, I researched the best products to use, opting for low-odor CitriStrip Paint and Varnish Stripping Gel. After testing it out on a small section, we slathered the gel all over and covered it with plastic to let it work its magic overnight. But that's not all! The door hardware had layers of paint build-up too. So, we threw them into an old crockpot with water and a dash of dish soap on high heat, hoping to wake up to squeaky-clean hardware in the morning. I can hardly contain my excitement to see the final results and get started on the next project on my list!

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